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Hayidai Found A Unique Way To Solve The Bottleneck Of Traditional Toy Industry
Sep 20, 2018

The toy industry is becoming more and more promising under the background of the opening of the second child policy. However, most domestic toy factories could not break the status of Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most toys exist in the market are low quality and lack of interactivity and creativity. Hayidai caught the opportunity to devote into intelligent toys industry and became the leader of plush toy industry.


As a national high-tech enterprise, how Hayidai break bottleneck of traditional toy

Industry and became a tycoon.


Focus on brand strategy and high tech, Diversified competition

Product innovation will break with tradition. Hayidai consistently pursue scientization and intelligentization. Hayidai started brand building and independent research in 2006. As an high tech enterprise with 20 years experience, Hayidai own lots of intellectual property, international IP authorization, and has strong ability of produce research and transform and upgrade.

Hayidai has successfully combined international marketing, research and development of special economic zone and mass production in the mainland china, became an intelligent plush toy enterprise, who own their own independent brand. Hayidai has won A-level Enterprise of Credit’, ‘China Top brand’ and China top 10 toy brand’ in eight consecutive years.


Product has to meet customers demand, combine on line off line sales channel


It is the key point and difficult point for toy enterprise to launch new toy in the market. Hayidai identified childrens needs on intelligent toys, decided to cooperate with ALPHA and launched intelligent toys (Jett and Dizzy)for super wings through on line & off line platform.


All the other toys are designed and produced by Hayidai including Preschool Education series, Brain quest grade series, APP intelligent series, Youth series, entertainment series and health care series are combined with modern science and technology, equipped with WIFI function, voice recognition. In other words, these toys meet the requirement of teaching goes together with pleasure and human-computer intelligent.


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