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What Are The Main Features Of Intelligent Toys?
Jun 13, 2018

What Are The Main Features Of Intelligent Toys?

1. intelligent toys have many kinds of perception ability, which can provide rich interactive ways.

Bidirectional interaction is one of the most important features of intelligent toys. The human-machine interaction of traditional toys is simple and one-way. Some electronic toys will repeat the music after opening the power supply, repeat a few simple actions, and can not choose the content and form of the output according to the external reaction, but the choice of the game is not much. As a result, users will soon lose interest. The interaction between intelligent toys and users is complex and rich, and different feedback can be made for different inputs. They seem to possess various sensory organs such as touch, hearing, sight and so on, which can make intelligent feedback on environmental stimuli.

2. intelligent toys have basic "intelligence" and provide open game mode.

Intelligent toys are generally equipped with micro computer chips, which possess certain intelligence. They can be calculated according to the multiple input of the user and the toy, and can make rich and diverse feedback through the output devices such as sound, action, and display. In games or learning, intelligent toys are user centered, and the process of activities depends on the users themselves. Toys can make suggestions for the next step, but do not control the way of games, but just as tools or environments to provide support for games.

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