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The Plush Toys Are In The Hands, And The Bear Children Are Easy To Do
Jun 13, 2018

There is no child that can't be brought along. Only by choosing the right baby's artifact, does this mean that get has arrived? The plush toys are more of a sense of security for the baby, because they have a good soothing effect, a pleasant atmosphere for the baby and the creativity of the baby.

Rabbit Stuffed Toy

This cute little rabbit has super soft fur and is comfortable to touch with its hands. The connection of the rabbit's stitches has exquisite workmanship, and the details show more quality. It is tested by high strength hair loss, and it will not lose its hair. It will not fade after washing. It will give the baby the safest environment.

A pleasant atmosphere for the North nose

Bow tie doll

The little bear with a pink bow is very interesting. It is made of high quality polyester surface. It feels very good and suits the baby to sleep. The soft fabric will not hurt the baby's skin. The unique shape can inspire children's creativity.

Interesting sprout

Picacho Plush Doll

Picacho is not only a big friend, but also a child who has no resistance to it. Picacho's smile on the North nose has a great appeasing effect, it is made of soft material, delicate feel, the skin is very good touch, random kneading can not deform.

Turn over a little time

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