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SUPER Wings Is Landing In CCTV, Hayidai Launched Intelligent Toys, Which Are Well Liked By Market
Jul 23, 2018

SUPER Wings is landing in CCTV, Hayidai launched intelligent toys, which are well liked by market   

Super wing season 3 is landing in CCTV on 8th Nov, its broadcasting time is

16:00pm to 17:00pm from Tuesday to Friday.

Super wing season 3 is about the story of Jett and its friends call super wings travel the world, to send the parcel to children and help them to solve problems. Each episode is shot in different cities. The diversity of world culture is delivered by the beautiful movie screen of this cartoon, such as scenic spot, architecture, language, TV program and nice local food. Cartoon send the message of kindhearted, braveness, joyous and friendship, to broaden childrens horizon and experience the beautiful mother earth through magical journey with Jett.


Cartoon fans may know that it is not first time for Supper wings to show up, actually super wings was born in March 2015, and it is 26 episodes each year, each episode last for 11 minutes. Supper wing was broadcasted more than 69 countries and regions , which set a new record for cartoon created in china.

Except the good job on the screen, Super wingsintelligent toys are also in hot sale.  In the 2nd half of year, Guangdong Hayidai Toys Co., LTD was authorized as the exclusive authorized producer by ALPHA , Hayidai is launching the 2nd generation intelligent toys for Jett and Dizzy.


Jett and Dizzy intelligent toys are equipped with strong multiple functions including backward learning, calculator, weather forecast, time query, chatting, singing, general knowledge of encyclopedia, tale telling, recite the ancient poems and cookbook, all these functions could stretch childrens ability of thinking. Parents could also set up a group chat on wechat APP by connecting phone and Jett or Dizzy intelligent toys, that is one of main reason why Jett and Dizzy intelligent toys have been selling well when it was launching.


Actually, Guangdong Hayidai Toys Co., LTD owns many nice intelligent toys. For example, Doctor Bacon Bear, Funny Bacon Bear and Bacon bear toy with smart blue tooth sound devices, which are derlived from cartoon called Bacon Bear. Each toys with different functions to meet clients different needs. In addition, intelligent toys for ‘Happy Sheep launched by Hayidai is also well liked by children.



As a toy industry leader, Guangdong Hayidai Toys Co., LTD is devote everything into intelligent toys’ research and development. In future, Hayidai will still treat clients needs and product quality as priority, to create and develop more intelligent toys to clients.

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