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New Release Hayidai Backkom, Quite Popular With So Many Selling Points
Aug 16, 2018

This month, Hayidai teamed up with Alpha entertainment for the third time to officially launch the Backkom off-line intelligent toys. It is understood that the bear (also known as "Luck bear") was born in 2002, and its copyright is now owned by Shenzhen Alpha backkom Culture Co., a subsidiary of Alpha Entertainment.


Since its debut, the backkom was being not only popular in Asia, also has entered the TV screen of more than 50 countries such as United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, its cute image is loved by a global audience.The "unlucky bear" not only caused great interest of the audience, but also caused the world's medias hot discussion including the United States, Russia, "izvestia" the New York times, le figaro, France.


And this month, the third collaboration between Hayidai and Alpha has set off a new round of stormy discussions. The versatility of the bear has made it a popular toy for parents and babies. To this, the director of Hayidai said: "for a long time," backkom " anime is to convey humor and wit,  the courage to challenge, the persistence of life idea, so in terms of product development, we focus more on the combination of interest and education, entertaining, hope to cultivate their own hands and brain ability in the process of playing."


It is reported that the Backkom series of electric smart toys that has been released by Hayidai, includes three models: doctor Backkom, laughter Backkom and smart bluetooth speaker Backkom. Each has its own unique function, which can meet the different needs of consumers. For example, the doctor Backkom focuses on the function of intelligence, which enables children to learn different knowledge in the process of playing laughter Backkom features entertainment functions, which can help you experience unusual game interaction. However, the smart bluetooth speaker Backkom has powerful music broadcasting and radio broadcasting functions, which can meet the practical needs of the daily entertainment of fashionable young people.


In fact, we know that children's intelligent toys emphasize education attribute more than entertainment attribute. The core value of its products is to let children learn in the process of playing, man-machine integration, teaching in fun. Starting from this point, Hayidai create and develop the Backkom, the characters in the cartoon image which is loved by parents and the children, to endow them with the function of the rich diversity and quality of security, so as to create the Backkom intelligent toy that is rest assured by parents, and let children to play with fun.

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