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Intelligent Plush Toy Brand HaYiDai Toys, Has Become The New Choice For The Plush Franchisee
Jul 10, 2018

Intelligent plush toy nascent state,HaYiDai Toys has become the

Intelligent plush toy nascent state,HaYiDai Toys has become the first   choice for the plush franchisee

The parents born in the 1980s and 1990s have become the mainstream consumers,   and they pay more attention to the kids education.   Intelligent toy is an important carrier of early education for the kids,   and intelligent toy is very   popular in the market.   People want to enter the intelligent toy business,   so they make their choice to join up with intelligent toy brand,   so the nascent state grow up.   In this context,   a number of intelligent toy   brands   just like Hayidai   are developing   rapidly   and come into sight.


Before,   the design became monotonic,   no interaction,   no interest,   narrow application range,   and low intelligentialize,   these   were the development bottlenecks for Chinese toy business.   In such a case,   HaYiDai Toy set up its development direction   firmly.   The company start to develop the intelligent plush toy,   make full use of modern technology,   realize the enjoyable and ,educational concept and plush toys combined,   thus six series "Preschool education series","Entertainment series",   "Youth series",   "Intelligent series" and "Health care series",   more than 100 types intelligent toys came out,   including the voice-control toy,   shadow control toys   ,recording toys,   music player toys,electronic toys,   intelligent toys,   WIFI toys,cloud   toys and APP toys and so on,the product is not only novel and beautiful, but also generous and practical.   The offline   derivative products of Pleasant Goat and Big BigWolf,Backkom and Super wings, they are welcomed by many consumers once they come to the market.


Today,   HaYiDai has already became the intelligent company which has its own brand,   over the years,   HaYiDai learned   the international advanced production technology and combined with the use,   for the management issues they keep in line with   international standards,   and formed a set of unique product quality assurance system and production management system.   Many investors come and seek the cooperation opportunities because of brand influence and good industry reputation.

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