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How To Cultivate The Children's Hands-on Ability?
Jun 13, 2018

How To Cultivate The Children's Hands-on Ability?

Everyone knows that "ingenuity", parents now know the relationship between hands-on ability and intelligence. But for modern Chinese families, there are not many opportunities for children to really start.

When children are small, they always feel that their children are small and do not have to let their children do what they do. The children are big, and they feel that their homework is heavy, the pressure is big, and there is no time to cultivate the children's ability to do with the study.

Educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi said: "teaching is one thing, not three things. We have to teach and go to school. " To do this is to experience and experience life, experience knowledge and experience the society. It is not the dexterity of the mind, but the cleverness of dexterity.

1, pay attention to the exertion of imagination.

We should pay attention to the imagination of the children, because the hands-on ability also needs to rely on the rich imagination, if the child can imagine something, it will be more conducive to the children's desire to realize, and the ability to do it will gradually improve.

2, do not substitute for children.

We should know how to let children do their own things, not for children, parents should pay attention to exercise their children's self-care ability, such as doing some daily housework, and brushing teeth, washing face, dressing, finishing school bags and so on, all let the child do.

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