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How Do The Plush Toys Wash?
Jun 13, 2018

How Do The Plush Toys Wash?

(1) the methods of dry cleaning:

Buy a bag of big salt, that is crude salt, put the rough salt and dirty plush toys together in a large plastic bag, and then shake it tightly. You will find that the plush toy is clean. The coarse salt removed becomes black and gray due to adsorption of dirt. The principle is to use the salt, namely sodium chloride, to absorb the fouling. Soda can also be used instead of coarse salt. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and plush toys that can not be washed by voice.

(2) the method of water washing:

Small toys can be taped to wear the parts of the worn parts first, directly into the washing machine, dry, dry, hanging in the cool and dry, and intermittently pat toys, so that the fur, stuffing, soft and fluffy.

Big toys can find filling seams, cut stitches, take out the filler (Jing Guanmian), special parts can not be taken (better to keep the shape), adhesive tape to wear the parts of the worn parts, the toy skin in the washing machine, dry, dry, hanging in the cool place, and intermittently tapping toys to make their fur, make their fur, intermittently. Fillings are fluffy and soft. Then fill it in the toy skin, complete and stitch. Then comb and shape the comb gently along the plush.

Although washing can not make the plush toys completely new, but after washing it is much better than before. Generally speaking, the quality of stuffed and stuffed toys of brand toys is better, and their shape is better after cleaning. Inferior plush is easy to change after cleaning. If it is washed, you can add a little cloth softener at the last time of washing, so that you can keep the plush soft and not fuzzed.

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