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Hayidai Intelligent Toy Combines With Backkom, Create New Ideas
Aug 15, 2018

In recent years, Guangdong Hayidai Toys Co., LTD. Has been cooperating with the ALPHA entertainment frequently, got many famous cartoon offline derivative exclusive right of making intelligent toys, such as the popular "Pleasant goat and Grey Wolf" and "Super wings". Now, the cooperation between Hayidai and ALPHA has been further upgraded, and Hayidai has been granted exclusive production authorization for the offline intelligent toys of the internationally renowned animation "Backkom". Behind this frequent cooperation, people can not help thinking, what is the charm of the Hayidai, whom can win the exclusive production right of several well-known off-line animation derivative intelligent toys one after another?


Why did Backkom choose to cooperate with Hayidai?

Backkom, also named asunfortunate bear, has been shown in so many countriesTV show such as US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and the rest 50 countries, arouse a hot discussion among global media such as New York Times in US, Russia News, Le figaro News in France, loved by a global audience, its commercial value and brand value is self-evident. Why Backkom which has so high commercial value choose to cooperate with Hayidai, the reasons are as below:


 Backkom will consider the comprehensive ability such as enterprise honor, product operation, technical strength, fund, supply chain and etc.


Guangdong Hayidai Toy Co., Ltd. as the wholly-owned subsidiary for HK HAYIDAI INTL GROUP LIMITED, has been founded for 20 years, its a medium and large enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. It is a domestic intelligent toy enterprise with its own brand.For decades, Hayidai relies on the innovation of the new technology and strong scientific research strength, has successfully realized the perfect combination of international marketing, hksar research and development, production in mainland, has been a leader and pioneer in China's high-end toys.


The strong allianc can achieve win-win results.

From the above reasons, it is not hard to see that the cooperation between Hayidai and Backkom belongs to what we often called "the strong alliance". By virtue of this cooperation not only can make Hayidai expand its influence in the intelligent toy industry, establish the market position, but also can make "Backkom" brand expand its influence in intelligent interconnect products, especially in the intelligent early education area, relying on Hayidais large customer group, mature operating experience and hard power support.


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