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Hayidai Backkom Electric Intelligent Toys, A Variety Of Functions To Meet The Diverse Needs Of Babies!
Aug 03, 2018

In recent years, with the development of China's animation industry, the animation authorized toy market has also developed rapidly. Recently, under the authorization of ALPHA entertainment, the Backkom off-line intelligent toys developed and produced by Hayidai are also on the market.

It is reported that the Backkom electric smart toys to launch this month includes little doctor Backkom, laughter Backkom and audio Backkom plush toy, each series of toys has powerful functions. Through these toys, children can not only experience the fun of playing, but also learn all kinds of knowledge. Here let's have a look at another classic work from Hayidai.


Dr. Backkom plush toy has three functions: listening to stories and guessing idioms, learning encyclopedic knowledge and learning children's songs.By clicking the "game" button, children can enter the game mode of "guessing idioms by listening to stories", and then interact with the game according to the doll's instructions.Click on the "encyclopedia" button you can enter "encyclopedic knowledge learning" mode, this mode is by having the children learn to play outdoor sports cognition, animal life cognition, encyclopedic knowledge, to improve their life common sense.Click the "music" button to enter the "children's song appreciation" mode, allowing children to bathe in the atmosphere of love and grow up happily.


Laughter Backkom smart plush toy

Laughter Backkom is a electric smart plush toys to let kids do as their wish, such as: touch the left ear can lead to interesting voice interactive games according to the voice instruction, can also "command" it to sing for you or tell jokes. Touch the right ear and you can do whatever you want! Want to breathe -- hit him on the left side of the face; Touch its two hands and it will tell you what it has. And touch two legs, it will make a sound! You dare to poke it in the belly button, it will give you stinky fart. Very cute and funny. This toy not only allows children to experience real touch feeling, but also increases their curiosity.


Stereo Backkom plush toy

As the name implies, the stereo Backkom is an electric intelligent plush toy related to music. But unlike the above two toys, the stereo Backkom can not only meet the needs of babies to listen to children's songs, but also meet the practical needs of fashionable young people to enjoy daily entertainment.The stereo Backkom has a 300mAh imported lithium battery and a USB charging port. Not only that, but it comes with three modes -- bluetooth, radio and audio input -- that allow you to enjoy your own wonderful quality of sound at any time of the day.


As one of the top ten toy brands in China, Hayidai has launched every toy with multiple intelligent functions, which can meet different needs of children. The 3 series of Backkom electric smart toy bear is not exceptional also, can let the children to accept knowledge naturally while playing, improve their ability to learn while playing with fun!

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