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Explore 2018,HaYiDai Toy Will Keep Developing The Intelligent Plush Toy
Jul 10, 2018

Intelligent plush toy has become the major object of the plush toy field,  HaYiDai Toy has a bright future.

Approach to the end of 2017, HaYiDai Toy not only gained great performance and reputation, but also explored and developed in different areas in the pass year. Established the strategic and cooperative partnership with Alpha, HaYiDai Toy gained the sole agency of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Backkom and Super wings. It is reported, HaYiDai Toy got a excellent harvest because of these actions.


Now,2017 is almost finished, looking forward to the coming 2018, what action will HaYiDai Toys proceed?

It is reported that HaYiDai Toys will keep developing the new design of the three IP in 2018. The story line of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Backkom and Super wings is abundant and facetious, these are wellknown, kids and parents love them very much. Especially the Pleasant Goat and BigBig Wolf, it once had become the flag of the Chinese animation, every series of this animation has gainted very great ratings. According to this situation, the offline derivative products of these three IP have taken over more than half of the market once they came into the market, and due to these, HaYiDai Toy increased economic income and engrained the brand in the customer's mind.


After judging the market development trend and analyzing consumer behavior,  HaYiDia Toy will keep developing the intelligent  plush toy in 2018.  But unlike 2017,HaYiDai Toy will adjust the industrial structure,more attentions will be focused on  product appearance and function,  devote to developing more practical,funny and educational intelligent plush toy.


In fact,  to make the plush toys intelligent,  this issue is not only for the company but also for the country.  Many years ago,  the country had encouraged the company to start transformation from manufacturing to creating,  set up the independent brand,  increase the own productions additional value.  This year,  the nineteenth report of the party has indicated,  to build a modern economic system, we must focus on the real economy,  focus on improving the quality of the supply system,  to build the  sapiential society together.  Today,  intelligentialize is on the table,  HaYiDai Toy already became a company which is high added value, high technology  and it for sure will be better and better.

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