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5 Kinds Of Intelligence Toys, Children Grow Up Essential, The More Play The Smarter.
Jun 13, 2018

5 Kinds Of Intelligence Toys, Children Grow Up Essential, The More Play The Smarter.

In family education, people often neglect the role of toys with their children when they are young, if every parent can choose the ideal smart toys suitable for their children. Then, for the early development of children's intelligence, good results will be achieved in the following 10 categories of toys suitable for infants and young children.

1. Play with sand

All the children love to play with sand and play water. 18 months later, children have learned not to plug anything into their mouths. At this time, you can provide a variety of small tools, such as small shovels, small rakes, buckets and so on to let them play sand, let the children build the sand pile into various shapes, give full play to their creative ability.

2. Picture books

Two year old children have learned a lot of things through their eyes, mouth, and hands. If they can find what they know in a picture book, how much fun it should be! Of course, parents can also teach children to know more through picture books. This kind of painting is of course simple lines and bright colors, which can be recognized at a glance.

3. Ring

A 3 month old baby can play the ring in one hand. They began experimenting with tactile, sensory, visual or taste functions. Touch your hands to see how you feel on your hands. Look at the colors of toys with your eyes. Taste the toy with your mouth; the sound of shaking the ring can also train the baby's hearing. The simplest toy is the first step in developing intelligence for infants.

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