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Zodiac woolen plush toys
Jun 13, 2018

Sheep are closely related to the time and intimacy of human beings. It is one of the most ideal hunting targets, because of its moderate body shape, poor attack power, almost no threat to people, not the ferocity of the Jackal and the tiger leopard. Because of its herbivorous grass, the milk, flesh, hair and skin of the producers are gentle, easy to tame and help to become the first animals to breed. The ancients named "horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs and pigs" as the "six animals". It is enough to explain the important position in the minds of the ancients.

The sheep can carry the art. As a result of its early entry into the human vision, it was alive in the early cultural relics. The grand view. In the mottled rock paintings, they have their magnificent figures, and their beautiful faces in the patterns of the pottery; from the Shang Dynasty's "four sheep bottle", "three sheep copper", the "sheep type copper" in the Han Dynasty, the "three colored pottery sheep" in the Tang Dynasty, and all kinds of wool toys, such as the sheep and the zodiac sheep, all the image of the sheep. It can be seen that the great aesthetic enjoyment brought to generations of generations has become an indispensable factor in people's life.

From the market of the whole Zodiac sheep toy, the following categories of the basic categories of the whole animal toy market are divided into three categories: simulation, high quality and functional types; from the subdivision of material categories, it can be divided into plush, plastic, ceramic and so on; from the product market It can be divided into two categories: the gift based high-end class and the popular middle low class. Because the prototype of the stuffed sheep toy is more lovely and the sheep is a symbol of auspiciousness in the eyes of the Chinese people, it draws closer to the psychological distance from the consumer. Therefore, the appearance modeling of the zodiac toy can be more to a certain extent if it can be endowed with human nature on the basis of traditional culture. Squinting.

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