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The purchase and identification of the plush boy
Jun 13, 2018

The purchase and identification of the plush boy

The plush boy is one of the favorite toys for children and young people, but the seemingly beautiful things may also contain danger, so we should be happy at the same time, at the same time, to think of security is our greatest wealth! It is particularly important to choose and buy a good PLUSH BOY product.


1, first of all, it is clear which age group of people need, and then according to different age groups to buy different toys, mainly considering safety and practicality.

2, the appearance of velvet material is good health, with high and low grades of raw materials, velvet (split yarn, general yarn) velvet, plush TIC cloth, this is a decisive factor in the price of a toy, some sellers, deceiving consumers.

3. look at the stuffing of plush dolls, which is another important factor affecting the price of toys. Good filling cotton is all cotton, like the material of nine holes in the supermarket. It feels very uniform. Poor filling cotton is black heart cotton with poor handle and dirty.

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