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The production process of the plush boy
Jun 13, 2018

The production process of the plush boy

It seems that a simple product has the following major processes:

1, process: tailoring - sewing - assembly - filling - integer - packaging

2, materials: plush, chemical fiber flannelette (plush, velvet) acrylic cotton, plastic granules, synthetic leather, non-woven fabrics, toy parts, accessories

3, material consumption: medium-sized toys about 18CM - 25CM, stuffed toys are more complex, material depends mainly on the number of toys, the composition of each variety of raw materials, the proportion of each, the size of the toy size, raw material width is fully utilized, the material is mechanized or not.

4, reasonable design, typesetting, organization and production, and the use of modern equipment are the main factors to reduce costs.

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