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The main material of the plush boy-1
Jun 13, 2018


Attention should be paid to the quality of the inspection: the softness of the wool surface and the general quality of the wool are poor, but the printed cut cloth will be a little bit down, not a serious one.

General plush (including plush cloth, cut cloth hair), if the weight is low, the hair is easy to fall down can not stand up, quality inspection should pay attention to. The hair length is not easy to measure, the hair is short, the cloth is thin, so it should be examined carefully. The hair length should be in the 2.5-3.5mm, the normal is the 3.00mm, the hair scissors can reach 5-10mm, the relative gram weight is also high, when the contract is signed, the requirement of the hair length should be marked, generally the 3mm gram weighs in the 450g/Y-480g/Y, special should be noted. The other shears are also hairy.


A, A yarn (also called ordinary yarn, BOA material), divided into:

Glossy yarn: ordinary is generally glossy. Under the light, hair can be separated from Yin and Yang.

No light yarn: dumb, basically no Yin and Yang.

B, V yarns (also called special yarns, T-590, Vonnel) have plain shear woolen cloth (Even Cut) and long short hairs (Uneven cut), and the hair length is about 4-20mm range, which belongs to intermediate material.

C, Hipile (Sea school, long wool): hair in the range of 20-120mm, within the range of 20-45mm can do any hair length, 45mm is only 65mm and 120 (110) mm, long short hair, because the quality of the original yarn is very obvious to Hipil, so we should ask the wool factory to use the Japanese MITSUBISHI grade of raw yarn, hair straight, straight, no It is easy to curl.

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