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The main material of the plush boy-2
Jun 13, 2018


It is similar to shearing wool cloth, but its length is about 1.5-2mm, and its elasticity is larger than that of shearing cloth.

T/C cloth

(the composition is 65% Polyster, 35% Cotton) to be divided into three kinds:

1) 110*76: thicker, used in printed cloth, or requiring higher product density, not easy to disperse.

2) 96*72: the next; the density is thinner.

3) 88*64: again. Because the organization is loose, usually the material is required to be made up of medium and small size, so as to prevent the seams from being easily scattered and cause bursting.

2) and 3) usually used for lining. It should be selected according to the grade and purpose of the product.


It is also classified as 100%Polyster and nylon Nylon. Production, cutting screen printing, embroidery are easy, cutting screen printing under the situation must control hair length can not be long (usually not more than 1mm), otherwise silk printing is difficult, color is not easy to penetrate, easy to fade.

Nylon lacron cloth is seldom used, only when special products require strong adhesion. Moreover, the minimum quantity of materials is ordered in Korea, so only special products should be considered.


It is used to make more high-grade printing cloth, which is thicker than T/C cloth.

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