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The main material of the plush boy-3
Jun 13, 2018


Should pay attention to the thickness and the soft hardness, divide ordinary polyester and acrylic two kinds, usually use is the ordinary polyester, the hard, the thickness is about 1.5mm, the acrylic is very soft, the organization is loose and easy to be rotten, often used in the gift, less on the toy.

Other common fabrics

(eight) PU skin: it is a kind of Polyester, not real leather leather. Note that the thickness of the cloth varies with the bottom cloth.

Note: now all toys can not use PVC material, because PVC contains excessive toxic and fatal elements, so the purchase should not be of the nature of PVC. As for packaging materials, some guests accept PVC material, some do not accept, should be very careful.

(nine) Heavier T/C: cotton or T/C, thicker and clearly visible.

(ten) scholar cloth: measure the quality according to the number of branches; it should be selected according to the grade and use of the product.

(eleven) knitted fabric: according to the number of grams, the quality is divided into cotton or T/C, and the elasticity of cloth is larger.

(twelve) electronic velvet: thin and bright, but the hair is not soft enough.

(thirteen) polar fleece: single side grasping hair, double side grasping hair, soft handle, but big elasticity.

(fourteen) velvet: there are several grades, and the difference between electronic velvet is relatively soft, and the price is relatively high.

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