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The characteristics and classification of the plush boy
Jun 13, 2018


The plush doll has the characteristics of realistic and lovely shape, soft touch, no fear of extrusion, convenient cleaning, strong decoration, high safety and wide application. And has nose, mouth, eyes and so on, the modelling is very lifelike. So plush toys are good choices for children's toys, decorating houses and giving gifts as gifts.


At present, according to consumer preferences, there are several popular categories of plush dolls nowadays:

1. According to the origin of plush toys, it can be divided into cartoon cartoon character plush doll and animal plush doll.

Human Figure Doll: it is a plush doll made in the shape of human and according to the proportion of human body. It's exactly the same form as a real person.

Animal Doll: Stuffed Plush made of plush toys in various animal forms. It's very realistic.

2. According to the plush length of the plush doll, it is divided into a plush doll and a super soft short plush doll.

3, according to people's favorite animal names, they are classified as stuffed teddy bears, stuffed toys, teddy bears and so on.

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