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Test standard for the plush boy
Jun 13, 2018

Test standard for the plush boy

All countries have their own toy safety standards, among which the main international standards are ISO8124 "toy safety standard", the ASTMF963 "toy safety" in the United States, the EN71 "toy safety" made by the European Union, and the standard GB6675-2003 "national toy safety specification". Plush toys are very popular with babies of all ages. Because of its soft texture, newborn babies can play, so the standard of international standards is more stringent. Among them, China's GB6675 is more detailed in the small parts of the plush toys, such as the nose, eyes, buttons and other small parts on the toy should bear the 90N pulling force, otherwise, when the baby bites, gnawing, and cutting these small parts, they are very easy to fall off and hurt the baby. In addition, when buying, you should pinch a toy with your hand and feel a sense of quality. If I feel hard or have a big block, I fill some inferior materials, such as metal fragments, nails, needles, broken glass and other unsafe articles. When the baby plays, it may be stabbed and safe first.

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