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Editors of plush boy auxiliary materials
Jun 13, 2018

(1) eyes: Plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, movable eyes and so on.

(two) nose: plastic nose, flocking nose, nose, matte nose, etc.

(three) ribbon (Ribbon): specify the number of colors, quantity or type, please pay attention to the order quantity.

(four) rubber bag: (PP bag American products are commonly used, cheaper, European products must be PE bags; PE bags are not transparent enough for PP bags, but PP bags are easier to crease and break), PVC is only used as a packing material (DEHP content must be limited to 3%/ square.) The heat shrinkable film is used for color box packaging as a protective film.

(five) carton: (two kinds)

Double corrugated A=B, A=C, B=B, B=C, C=C, three corrugated and A three B are also available (such as knapsack Series). Unless the customer specifies, the normally exported cartons are all A=B, and the small outlet boxes can be considered to use B=B or B=C. Before the carton is booked, we should first select the true suppliers, first confirm the paper quality provided by the carton factory, pay attention to the possibility that each family may be different, choose the real goods, and also pay attention to the quality of each batch, and prevent the supply of commercial secondary goods from the authentic products, and the weather, humidity, and the weather in the rainy season are also possible. It has a bad effect on paper quality.

Single corrugated B33, C33 and so on are usually used as internal boxes or domestic delivery cartons. The quality of the cartons is determined by the quality of the outer paper and the inner wall.

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